Because yoga…

Because yoga practice is not physical exercise.

Yoga is not a form of athleticism. Yoga practice is an invitation to awareness of that which is actually happening so that you can live your life as it is instead of pretending to be something that you’re not.

That your life is something that it isn’t.

Because despite the popular belief otherwise, you only live once and when you’re dead, you’re dead.

The genetic code which gives you your unique existence will never ever exist again. So you only have one chance to live your life and it’s now. It’s not tomorrow.

It´s Right Now. And yoga is simply an invitation to that. To honour the life that you’ve been given. And by living it according to the capacity that it has.

Not trying to make your body be like John Scott or Richard Freeman. This is an invitation to despair and dissatisfaction. Subtle perhaps, unadmitted maybe.

But dissatisfaction nevertheless.

The form of the yoga postures are fundamentally a lens, a lens through which you can find out what is actually happening in your life. A lens that Patañjali has given us, within which or through which or by which to most effectively clarify that which is actually happening. A lens that has ten facets: and that’s Yama and niyamas. So within the form of the postures you are being invited to recognise the presence or absence of sensitivity, honesty, openness, focus, generosity, commitment, contentment, passion, self awareness and selflessness. When your body is more challenged by the shape, when your body has less capacity to make that shape, those factors will be compromised more than when your body has the capacity to do the posture or to do the shape. So the amount of compromise to those factors that you become aware of is an indication of how far you should be going. So the application of the principle compass of stiram sukam is within the context of Yama niyamas.


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