Actually, iam going to celebrate my second year in “PATİKA”.

The “PATİKA” project was designed on the magical Lycian soil of Anatolia with the idea of creating a place where everybody can share her/his own path with others, the individual can be empowered and we can feel that another world is possible.

Click for more information about Patika:  http://www.patikadayolculuk.com/patika-projesi-eng.html

Each person’s  journey is a very individual distinct path,a magical journey…

Because of summer’s beautiful time enriched of sun, vitamins and surprises it’s an unbelievable opportunity to stay away from the city’s stress, traffic, carbon gases and  inorganic food.

The magical part of this event is that people can stay closer to nature, refill their lungs with oxygen and reconnect with themselves, that should allow them to open their hearts to that Divine nature.

The main idea is to remind that we are all a part of that Divine nature.

Excellent organic food keeps people feeling light, energetic and healthy.

Early meditations open minds and allow to discover inner goodness which was unknown before, to connect with individual hearts and maybe to open hearts to our Creator.

Strong practice allows to believe that  our inner potential, which every single person has inside, can be explored, expressed and expanded.

This is a great chance to meet yourself within, to meet other people, to share and build community, practice together, relax and enjoy!!!

Here are some details to this event:

30 july: arriving and arrangement

13.00:afternoon meal

*Free time (sea,sun or traveling)

17.30: Practice-Introduction to Anusara’s Universal Principles of Alignment

19.00: dinner

Time to discuss about the day and go to sleep

31 july:

7.30: Meditation, breathing techniques

8.00: Intensive practice

10.00: breakfast

Free time

13.00: afternoon meal

Free time

17.30: Practice-Standing Poses

19.00: dinner

1 august:

7.30: meditation, breathing  techniques

8.00: Intensive practice-Inversions and Arm Balances

10.00: breakfast

Free time

13.00: afternoon meal

Free time

17.30: Practice-Balancing poses

19.00: dinner

2 august:

7.30: Meditation, breathing techniques

8.00: Practice-Back Bends

10.00: breakfast

Free time

13.00: afternoon meal

Free time

17.30: Practice-Forward Bends and Hip Openers

19.00: dinner

3 august:

7.30: Meditation, breathing techniques

8.00: Practice-Twists

10.00: breakfast

Free time

13.00: afternoon meal

Free time

17.30: Practice-Restorative

19.00: dinner

4 august:

7.30: Meditation

8.00: Practice-Putting all things  together

10.00: breakfast

Coming back home..

*Depends of the weather we’ll use our  free time for traveling to Kabak koy and Dead
Sea or over mountains.

**Payment terms:
750.00 TL with 250.00 TL advance payment (because of limited number of rooms)

!!!  100.00TL discount for payment made before 31 may

**Payment includes: staying in a stone house room with wc and shower (2-3 people) 3 time meals and yoga practice in the morning and evening (all road payments belong to you)

If you want to camp in a tent  with a comfortable bed, let me know (costs 650.00TL.)

For more information about how to rich the camp:


If you have any questions feel free to contact with me olgatsibarnea@gmail.com or patikafaralya@yahoo.com

With love



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