First day of detox

Good morning! What a great Sunday (hope yours is also sunny).

If you ready for the first step, go to your bathroom, take some massage oil and start to love yourself from top to the bottom. You are going to do some ayurvedic daily massage, called “abhyanga” (you’ll love it). More information on:

Take a warm shower after your abhyanga-second step

Third step- your morning yoga practice (include some stimulating asanas such as Adhomukhasvanasana, Badhakonasana, Parivritta Trikonasana).

Breakfast: kitchari+chatni

Lunch: kitchari and herbal tea

Evening: supper: kitchari and herbal tea.

Take your meal in the quiet place. Be aware of process. Eat a small porsion (kitchari+ cleaning chatni 3 time per day), enough to be satisfied. Let your digestive sistem work easily. If you will feel hungry (it’s normal for the first days), eat some apple or fresh vegetables.

If you are not practicing yoga, walk in the street, take fresh air, make some sun bath.

Before bed drink some cleaning tea ( form tea or any your have in your stuff). Go to the bed early.

Enjoy your lightness!!!





















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