Second day detox

Good morning! Hope you had a great day yesterday. And now you feel  lighter and ready for the next steps..

Morning: Abhyanga (warm oil masaj)/shower

Meditation/yoga practice ( Sun salutations+ add some new things into your practice such as Kundalini or Iyengar yoga/ Core yoga will strengthen you physically and emotionally)

Breakfast: kitchari+ chatni (you can drink some green tea at morning; green tea is an antioxidant, will help you to reduce toxins)

Lunch: kitchari + herbal tea

Evening: supper: kitchari + herbal tea (form tea)

Start you day (also all your next days) with masaj. If you have no time for all body, massage just your head, face, neck and shoulders, then take a warm shower. Continue with meditation. You know- it will keep you aware, more concentrated (at your job), mindful and relaxed.

Try to spend more time in a quiet places or stay away the crowd..It will help you to detox emotionally.

Continue to eat kitchari with cleaning chatni and drink herbal teas. Drink more water, you need to support your body in progress on cleaning.

Have a fruitful week



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