Third day detox

Good morning! And here is the plan for your third day:

Morning: abhyanga/shower

Meditation/Uddiyana bandha/ yoga practice

Breakfast: kitchari + chatni

Lunch:  Neti-kriya (or you can do it at any time). Neti Kriya is an ancient nasal cleansing technique from India – also known as Jala Neti Kriya (Jala means water in Sanskrit). To do “neti” all you need is some warm salty water and a neti pot. The water is poured through the nose, thouroghly cleansing the nostrils and leaving you breathing freely and feeling refreshed.

Kitchari+ herbal tea

Evening: yoga practice

Supper: kitchari+ herbal tea (form tea)

Today you will learn how to clean your nostrils, it’s easier than you think. It wil help you to avoid cold diseases during the year and allergetic reactions in spring.

Practice Uddiyana will allow you to clean your inner organs and to balance your digestive sistem (if you didn’t practice uddiyana before, ask someone to instruct you/ don’t try it alone, it can agitate your nervous sistem).

Add some restorative poses into your yoga practice such as Viparita Karani, Supta Badha Konasana , twisted supported poses.. or try to stay longer in asanas.





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