Fourth day detox

Good morning!!! Congratulations! You are on the half way to finish your detox now.

I know that you a little bit bored of same food and a little bit tired. It’s normal. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. I have some delicious news for you. Today (and next few days) you can start to cook new recipes, try new things and drink fresh juices. Feel free to add anything you liked into your meal ( here is your new recipes: ).Don’t forget to eat famous kitchari and chatni. Drink a lot of water and tea. And here we go:

Morning: abhyanga/shower

Yoga practice

Breakfast: kitchari (or your choise)

Lunch: kitchari + herbal tea (or your choise)

Evening: meditation

Supper: kitchari + herbal tea (form tea) or your choise

Add into your practice twists, they are most effective asanas that detoxifying your body physically and emotionally. I am sure you will twist yourself easily, like never before..

And if you have a chance to go to sauna, do it today or in the next few days.

Enjoy your ability to be light, clean, fresh..

With love, Olga.


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