Fifth day detox

Good morning! We are moving toward the end of the detox programme. We learned how to  do many new things – wake up early, oil massage, practice yoga, meditate, cook simple dishes. Many of them will continue to be a part of your daily rutine. I am sure you become more sensitive to yourself and to the world around you. You know better now, when you hungry, when you need resting, where to go to love yourself, to honor the body, to listen to your inner voice..

Continue to practice and prepare very simple meal, drink ayurvedic tea and enjoy the massage. Here is your plan:

Morning: abhyanga/shower

Yoga practice

Breakfast: kitchari (or your choise)

Lunch: kitchari + herbal tea (or your choise)

Evening: meditation

Supper: kitchari + herbal tea (form tea) or your choise

With love



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