Sixth day detox

Good morning! During this detox week your body accustomed to move, even if you didn’t practice yoga before or didn’t do any movement at the morning. Notice how do you feel after massage and warm shower, observe the sensations in your body during the yoga practice, watch your reactions in meditation and after. For sure you will find many changes in yourself in this realy short time.

Continue to walk and take sun baths, you need some D vitamin. Add bysicle to your daily life, wake up for it a little bit earlier in the morning. Do anything that brings you pleasure and joy. Do it for yourself, love yourself, honor yourself. You will benefit!!!

Morning: abhyanga/shower

meditation/yoga practice

Breakfast: kitchari (or your choise)

Lunch: kitchari + herbal tea (or your choise)

Evening: meditation

Supper: kitchari + herbal tea (form tea) or your choise

Love you all!!!



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