Non-Yogic man is a divided being, caught in a body of ancestral inertia’s. It is a body, which for generations has had to fight for survival. During the Ice Age, to be aggressive and able to hunt the sabre toothed tiger and other wild animals was an admirable quality, as it ensured survival and food for the cave dwelling family.
Today the qualities of aggression and fierceness when they come to the surface in a civilized community, (for example, at a football match), are no longer considered virtues unless the nation is at war, when the fighting man resumes those qualities that ensure survival.
The inherited tendencies in man to procreate and survive are very strong indeed and every man must recognise the tendency for his head to turn and his gaze to follow every attractive girl that passes by. That which turns his head is patterned deep within his protoplasm and is the pressure of his ancestors seeking rebirth. The same can be said of the female who attracts the male in more subtle ways, with her interest in fashion and clothes. One is here reminded of the sea anemone, attracting the interest of every small fish that passes by. We really associate any of these qualities with individual free will.
Reflexive Self Consciousness
Fortunately man has another quality and that is his ability to be reflexive and to look deep within himself for the answers. To break identification with the inertic demands of the outer world has taken time and often with the guidance of enlightened teachers both religious and Yogic. These visionaries who can see beyond the limitations of the finite world have seen a greater purpose for mankind and have outlined the steps to be taken in order to put their houses in order – Physically, Emotionally, Mindfully and Ideationally – to reach the highest levels of Spiritual Self Awareness.
The Heart Chakra
The heart chakra is central to the way we feel and its seed symbol (Yantra) is a six-pointed star, one triangle is pointing downward to the earth and the other apex upward. For the Nada Yogi listening for the inner sounds both physical and spiritual the H-ear-t is the  centre from which we can listen to sounds of our ancestors, educators, parents etc, that still try to exert control over us at some level as well as those from a much higher spiritual source so that resolution can be found at the very centre of our being.
The Mystic Rose
Meditations of the heart are very much Bhakti meditations that enable us to mediate between the world of spirit and the temporal world of every day life, as the way we feel not only influences our actions but also the health and chemistry of the body. We have here chosen the rose as a Mandala for the heart chakra as it is a symbol of love and development, which when coupled with the light of consciousness can become a powerful link with higher levels of consciousness.
It is important to note at this stage that the foundations of Yoga i.e. the Yamas and Niyamas need to be well established otherwise the more refined levels of spiritual consciousness will find difficulty in finding resolution at the level of the physical, and if not accepted can cause problems of a psychosomatic nature.
When meditating, visualize a rose at the center of feeling within the heart, make it as beautiful and as perfect as you can. The rose is a creation of Intelligence and light, once established let the image of the rose fade back into the light from which it came. Holding the feeling of perfection, allow the image of the rose to return more beautiful than ever, its light refining the way that you feel. Light is a symbol for consciousness and as the meditation continues, the form of the rose and the light or essence from which it arises will become inseparable and the whole body will become filled with light. The breath also will become peaceful and refined and experienced as a healing breath throughout the body.

From deepest part of my heart



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