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As you know, there are many diets, some more famous than others. We will try to gradually explain some of them and we would be very pleased to let you join in and leave us your comment. Well, today we’ll talk about the Diet based on blood types. It seems like it is a very fashionable diet but has many divided opinions on the matter.

The diet was created after studies researchers from Dr. Peter d’Adamo. They wondered why it happened that people who followed the same balanced diet did not have the same affectation or results. After years of research,the team concluded that there was a connection between blood type and tolerance of certain foods. So they created a diet based on each blood with foods that are more convenient to take them aside and those considered harmful.

According to his theory, the allowed foods help better digestion, so in terms of diet, we would say that this will help you lose weight. Instead the harmful ones will not help and will cause the opposite effect. They are divided into four diets: The group A, B, AB and O

1. TYPE A – The Farmer

People in group A, related to a person with a weak immune system, which is easily adapted to new environmental and nutritional conditions, a fragile digestive system. This group is more prone to heart disease, anaemia, liver and gallbladder.

Because of the fragility of this digestive system, it’s not advised to eat meat, milk products in general, wheat flour, and focus your diet especially in vegetables, grains and legumes.

Positive Food

Vegetables: Because of its high fibre content helps the bowel movement. The plant will be the focus of the diet in Group A, having a diet close to a vegetarian, both vegetables and legumes.

Cereals: Best use untreated cereals except wheat and its derivatives.

Fish: Eat between 3 or 4 times a week. Avoid eating white fish, it helps the digestive tract irritation.

Vegetable oils: This group does not need a lot of fat in your body for a good performance, just a tablespoon will suffice. However, vegetable oils also help to more efficient digestion and prevent fluid retention.

Soy Foods: They help provide protein intake.

Nuts and seeds: They also provide protein, advise especially walnuts, almonds and peanuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

Fruit: You can eat several pieces of fruit a day, will provide fiber. The pineapple, grapes, plums, cherries and blueberries help especially known for fruit and fluid removal.

Not recommended Foods

Meats: The meat usually is complicated to digest for group A in the absence of fat acids. Meats as pork, bacon, beef, veal, rabbit and sausages, sausages and other derivatives.

Pasta: especially those made from wheat or corn.

Vegetables: Although generally well accepted vegetables, some specifically not help your metabolism, such as tomatoes, potatoes, peppers.

Dairy: All milk and its derivatives.

Grains: Wheat and its derivatives do not help but the other cereals are allowed.

Drinks: coffee, black tea and artificial gas drinks, especially for their sugar.

Sports Advised

Best Sports to be made by the group A are sports with relaxed movements, as well as yoga and tai-chi.

2. TYPE B – The Wanderer

People with type B group have a great capacity to adapt to new situations and lead a varied diet. This group is the most favored group as it can greatly eat everything. This group is associated with a strong immune system and an efficient digestive system.

The most common diseases among them are chronic fatigue syndrome and hypoglycemia.

Thanks to the digestive system they can be adaptive so they should be varied and balanced, unlike the rest of the group can consume lots of dairy products.

Positive Food

Eggs, milk and dairy products: Because this digestive system is the only group that can tolerate very well these products. For intolerance to lactose, may be substituted for soy and derivatives.

Fish: All fish is recommended except shellfish.

Vegetables: Vegetables are very desirable to take in large quantities to help your immune system, especially green leafy vegetables. Can take about 4 servings a day.

Green tea and infusions: Aid intestinal transit.

Meat: Eat several times a week, except for chicken.

Not recommended Foods

Chicken: contains a lectin binding to this type of blood, which can cause fatigue.

Corn and wheat: Because of its gluten, helps slow the metabolism because of its high sugar content. So the carbohydrates of the products obtained are converted into fat, which leads them to increase their weight.

Nuts and seeds: Generally not very suitable, except almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts.

Lentils and sesame seeds: These foods help fluid retention, and hypoglycemia, so Adamo doesn’t recommend them.

Sports Advised

Sports are advised not to be too active or too relaxed as well as aerobics, tennis, walking and hiking, especially team sports without actually competing.

3. GROUP AB – The mysterious

This group just corresponds to between 2 and 5% of the population. The characteristics of the AB group come from mixtures of the above groups A and B.

This group is also very capable to adapt to environmental and food changes. However, it has a vulnerable immune and digestive system, It’s very sensitive. The AB tend to suffer cardiovascular diseases.

Positive Food

Eggs, milk proucts: Same as group B can take milk products, however with egg consumption should be moderate.

Vegetables: Unrestricted, because they act as preventive for heart disease.

Seaweed: Beneficial for the heart and immune system, helps insulin production.

Fish: As algae also provides a lot of protein.

Pineapple: As already explained in the group A, helps better evacuation because they are high in fibre and help prevent fluid retention as it is a diuretic. Can also take other diuretic fruits .

Tofu: For those who do not know, what is tofu. Preventive properties that help the group A

Not recommended Foods

Meat: Avoid red meat and also smoked and cured meats, involve a difficult digestion, storing those calories as fat.

Wheat: Preferable not to consume, as well as pasta and wheat. It helps the production of insulin.

Corn: Corn and its derivatives, like wheat, makes slow down the metabolism and insulin production.

Sunflower Oil: Instead of this consume preferably olive oil, helps reduce blood cholesterol. It is also best to avoid vinegar.

Beans: generates hypoglycemia.

Sports Advised

The group AB can make sports recommended for group A and B. As we have explained, relaxation activities: yoga and Tai Chi, and secondly swimming and hiking. Not recommended competitive sports.

4. GROUP O – The Hunter

This group is the oldest and is related to the hunter, as their diet is based mainly on meat, for its facility to accept animal protein. They are characterized by a strong digestive system and very effective, and a fast metabolism that helps them stay thin. The group O are more difficult to adapt to new conditions, tend to have problems with hypothyroidism, arthritis and problems with blood clotting.

Positive Food

Meat: especially red meat, due to its ease to digest animal protein helps your metabolism to stay high. It’s convenient to be accompanied of fruits, vegetables, and excessive consumption of meat would lead to acidification and can cause ulcers.

Broccoli and spinach: They give a big contribution of minerals, while helping metabolism.

Fish, shellfish and algae: Thanks to iodine intake of these products, metabolic activity accelerates therefore that helps in the creation of thyroid hormone.

Juices and teas: We suggest drinking pineapple juice and plum, also a large consumer of mineral water and green and red tea, infusions of mint, dandelion and chamomile.

Not recommended Foods

Lentils: Because of its properties, which affect muscle tissues are less efficient for physical activity.

Wheat and other cereals: As explained in other groups, they inhibit the action of insulin because of its gluten content, making it difficult to burn calories.

Dairy products and eggs: The system group 0 are not well adapted to these products. You can substitute with soy and its derivatives.

Cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and beans: This food group inhibits the production of thyroid hormone, causing tiredness and fatigue, and helps weight gain.

Sugars and pastries: The refined carbohydrates are harmful for this group.

Sports Advised

Unlike other groups, the group O is the strongest physically. Sports are advised involving a highly competitive and intense exercise, jogging, martial arts and other sports that meet these characteristics.

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