Words from a Yogi’s Mind by Valerie Goodman

Nothing is black or white…maturity is being able to appreciate and expand in the gray area.  We are each other’s teachers. Your words and actions can either inspire or expire another’s dream. Ultimately, it is their choice…but, energetic influence from another can be the push if one is sitting on the fence of doubt or fear of the unknown. Be someone’s strength for you will need another’s one day.

Sometimes you have to look back to open the heart more.

Practice gripping to surrender. Have the revelation of the dichotomy of this intention. You will discover the power of being held together comes from within. Face fears and doubts with less resistance. Learn to balance of edges that reveal new horizons to experience. Keep the change within you growing and give away the goodness that manifests to make space for more to come. Invest well in your karmic bank account. The interest will continue to give back more than you imagined.

Learn from history, but do not dwell on it. To focus on the past is setting the foundation to repeat it. This truth starts with each of us individually and moves exponentially. Anger, resentment, negative thoughts are energies that are kept strong by not releasing them. Each choice influences not just you, but all of us. Raise your energetic frequency by being grateful…for anything. The more you realize you do have, the more that will come. Nourish your soul by looking deeper within your heart. Listen to the faint whispers it wants you to hear. It will only be when you’ve set aside the negative static that you will hear. Give what it asks with gratitude for the opportunity.



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