Arizing with love (dedicated to the father of my daughter)

( Whisper) Everyone wants to love and be loved, but not everyone is ready. It is a cultural myth that everyone will find true love in a lifetime, it simply does not work that way. Love arrives when you have reached a point of surrendering the ego and a willingness to trust life and yourself. Gone are the attempts to control and direct your life according to the ego. You have come to the end of the meaningless search of the ego to fulfill itself and you are deeply humbled beyond despair.

You have no where else to go but within. It is at this point that you realize your mind had you going in circles about everything, including yourself. What you thought was real wasn’t, including yourself. You are not ready for love until you are real with yourself and others. This is when love says you are ready for it.

Tolerance and the truth

Tolerance does not mean that you have to politely agree with what anyone says without checking inwardly to feel if it is true or not. Opinions and beliefs are everywhere about spiritual matters and ego’s are busy getting their point across. Awareness brings discernment of what is right within your truth, it reveals if something seems right but feels wrong. Because no one is in a state of constant awareness the mind is often assaulted by opinions and ideas that seem to be true to the mind , but in fact the light of awareness would reveal they are incorrect.

Discernment is not a skill of the intellect, but a gift of your awareness. Your mind can rationalize two sides of a question and agree with both, but your discernment will prove within if it is true or not. The mind loves to create illusions and with grandiose explanations and attempt to convince you something is true when in fact it is not. The only way to know for sure is within your awareness. Sometimes people also need to learn to agree to disagree at times as well.

Intimacy and awareness

(Whisper) Intimacy and awareness are both essential to the life and longevity of a relationship. The ego makes the other into a thing to possess and use, while love compels you to serve the other joyfully and for them to serve you. You are working as partners within the guidance of continual surrender and love towards an awareness of a purpose that both includes you and is above you in awareness. Love is a gift of the universe and rare when two people can share it together, it is a priceless gem within our world and few find it in a lifetime. Be grateful if you have….I am.

Being Thankful for What You Have

There are things in life that we don’t always realize. Oftentimes, we keep looking for something and ask why nothing seems sufficient not knowing that life is not as unhappy as you think it is. We just do not realize how happy we are compared to others. You were most probably born with the gift of sight, of hearing, the ability to walk or run, or a talent for writing, singing or dancing, or maybe slept on a warm bed, had a satisfying meal and lived to see another day. These are things that we should be thankful for and we must use them to make our life happier .



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