Motherhood: What Love is All About by Lisa St. Hill

Be Love!

As a Yoga Instructor and more importantly now, as a parent, I’ve realized we in fact do grow up with our children. I teach students to move with the flow and move through life with the breath, in order to be present; it is a choice to choose. Having a toddler has opened my eyes to the joy of being and choosing love in everything I do.

Logan’s favorite activity are the slides at the local playground. One day, while watching him run and jump (and with every move the careful mommy in me is  afraid and praying he won’t get hurt) he says: “Come on mom. Come with me. Let’s slide!”

My body feels 40, but my heart is 10!

“No Logan, mommy can’t fit on the slide!” I tell him.

We both chuckle and finally I can see his frustration, so I give in and climb the slides. We run and play and I look up at the sunset and think, this is what love is all about. Being present, giving in to your heart, throwing away your fears and allowing your heart to trust with the moment.

This month I invite you to just be love. Maybe check on a neighbor to see how they are doing, stick up for someone who needs a voice or protecting, give a kind word or offer help in some way in your community to make someone’s day a little brighter.

Love shows itself with simplicity and clarity. When we embrace it with full integrity, it reveals itself in the softness of our voices, the swagger confidence in our steps, the food we prepare. As moms we give a lot, but we do receive in abundance. When you feel you can’t go on, just dig in and you’ll be amazed at the rewards.

I wrote in my journal that evening of our day at the park. I hope when he is a young man, he will take at least a bit of my thoughts of our time spent together. That it will help him through life so he knows where and when to show his love. I’m thankful for the beauty of life and even the hardships it entails, but more so, I’m thankful of the small lessons my little one teaches me about love every day.

May you have love in abundance this month and be love throughout the rest of the year!


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