Each person’s  journey is a very individual distinct path,a magical journey…

Because of summer’s  beautiful time enriched of sun,vitamins and surprises it’s an unbelievable opportunity to stay away cities stresses, traffics, unclear oxygen and hormonal foods.

The magical part of those events is that people can stay closer with nature, refuel their lungs with oxygen and reconnect with their selves, that should allow them to open their hearts to that Divine nature.

The main idea is to remind that we are all a part of that Divine nature.

Excellent organic food keeps people feeling lightly, energetically charged and healthy.

Early meditations open minds and allow to discover inner goodness which was unknown before, to connect with individual hearts and maybe to open hearts to our Creator.

Strong practice allows to believe that  our inner potential, which every single person has inside, can be explored, expressed and expanded.

This is a great chance to meet yourself within inside, to meet other people, to share and build community, practice together, relax and enjoy!!!

With love, Olga..


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