Celebrating diversity in yoga

Dear friends

Me and other yogis are going to celebrate diversity in yoga 4th year. It becomes our small tradition to leave the city for 5 days and dedicate that time for ourselves.

Because of summer’s beautiful time enriched of sun, vitamins and surprises it’s an unbelievable opportunity to stay away from the city’s stress, traffic, carbon gases and  inorganic food.

The magical part of this event is that people can stay closer to nature, refill their lungs with oxygen and reconnect with themselves, that should allow them to open their hearts to that Divine nature.

Excellent organic food keeps people feeling light, energetic and healthy.

Early meditations open minds and allow to discover inner goodness which was unknown before, to connect with individual hearts and maybe to open hearts to our Creator.

Strong practice allows to believe that  our inner potential, which every single person has inside, can be explored, expressed and expanded.

This is a great chance to meet yourself within, to meet other people, to share and build community, practice together, relax and enjoy!!!

Deepen your practice of yoga, nourish your body and soul and take it to the next level with me and other yoga lovers at this years yoga retreat. I have been practicing and teaching for over 10 years, and on this retreat i look forward to share all my experiences with you.  We will move  into a sweet journey of strong physical practice to create a profound transformational experience. Enjoy a week of deep connection where you can awaken to sound of birds, bask in the sun and fall asleep to the sounds of the sea.

This year our journey takes us to Yediburunlar Lighthouse. At an altitude of almost 600 meters, overlooking the Aegean Sea running through the Lycian way in the mountains..halfway between Fethiye and Kalkan. The Lighthouse is blessed with an amaaaazing clifftop location, perfect for meditating, soul searching or relaxing. I can’t wait!!

Link for the Yediburunlar Lighthouse: www.yediburunlarlighthouse.com

Dates: 10-15 june (maybe a little bit changed, depend on flights/tickets)

Price: 900 tl (include accommodation/ breakfast/ dinner, yoga) + 50 tl for transformation, if you are coming with our group.

Flight are not included.

Full program you’ll receive later

İf you have any questions please ask me: olgatsibarnea@gmail.com

With love

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